Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dave Heineman Grows More Boss Hawg Thuggish by the Day

Days after delving into city-level fiscal policy, which is most decidedly not his business, the chipmunk governor is now atacking a University letter that presents 'Obamacare' as something other then then the pure devil.  I can only guess as to why he feels the need to do this.  There is political calculation involved here to be sure.  Heineman probably knows that he cannot wake up in the US Senate without making a show of something, however entitled he obviously considers himself to be.  Then again he must also know that involving himself in a second-tier culture war gripe (OMG The hippies are coming after the hunters and the cowboys!!) isn't going to score him all that many points. 

 My own sense is that this the governor does how he does mostly out of sincere conviction instead of guile.  (Which earns him no points since he is always sincerely wrong).  Heineman strikes me as George Babbitt personified, a man who was raised to truly consider 'Great Businessmen" or 'Landowners' to be the peak of human virtue and social purpose while viewing the State as something that is alien and distant.  A man who has gone so long without hearing conservative dogma challenged that he has come to see that dogma as not only correct but beyond legitimate dispute, so that even those who do dispute it are being deliberately wicked.  A man who truly considers rural homogeneity to be the eternal American norm and views the reality of urban cosmopolitanism as a false and unnatural thing that could have only come about through intentional act of conspiracy by 'the elites'.   He is in short, a true-hearted party man.  Or, to say the same thing in another way; a dumb bullying hack who has risen to his level of incompetence.  A man who in a less Republican state, or even just a larger state with a larger political talent pool, would either be taking bribes on some suburban city council or selling insurance by day while telling racist jokes over cheap scotch and C & W karaoke by night. 

I am rather sick of this guy. But at least he'll be out of Lincoln one way or the other sometime soon.   

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