Monday, October 29, 2012


"Maybe there is no plan? No, they all agreed, not possible: The United States is too powerful to be operating without a plan."

I live here y'all, and I can assure you that we are more than capible of blindly flailing bout for extended periods of time. 

I'm not one to give a knee-jerk White Knight respnse to anti-Americanism.  Our government has indeed involved itself in some very low-down business in the Middle East and elsewhere.  What does strike me is how some are able to see the United States as uniquely evil while at the same time placing us above mortals in our ability to control events.  It is, after all, precisely such a grand view of ourselves that led to the second Iraq war, the imposition of the Shah, Vietnam, etc, etc.  (As well as the stabbed-in-the-back bullshit that followed the inevitable comedown from these adventures.)  What domestic chauvinists and foreign conspiracy mongers both fail to understand is that it is precisely our vast size that makes acting as one all-powerful levathian impossible.  There are of course differing factions here competing for power amongst ourselves; every now and then some small, poor, "minor" country will be used as a tool towards that minor end, but this is rarely if ever part of some all-consuming scheme, or even a coherent one.

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