Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Googling Myself and Other Matters

I've only heard of the existence of "Yu-Gi-Oh" once or twice and knew nothing about it.  So my internet handle has nothing to do with this guy, in the off chance that anyone was wondering.  Though the way he looks exactly like me is very disturbing. 

I will have you know, staff of the Washington Free Beacon, that I've been known to crack a Joose or two myself, and that I have nothing but the deepest love, both physical and emotional, for young women who are themselves able to appreciate a fine malt-liquor energy drink hybrid.  How exactly does it invalidate her question anyway you bitter dried out creeping stalker pieces of Nazi compost? 

I had a conversation with a guy today, which is to say that he talked to me without prompting for ten full minutes while I nodded towards him and struggled to remain polite.  It remember it began when I saw him out of the corner of my eye, deliberately looking around for the slightest hint of eye contact to use as a pretense for starting conversation.  He said that he'd just returned from the Philippines then proceeded to riff on that and maybe it's so. 

It would a bridge too far to say that I hate extroverts.  What I do have is a very deep scorn for extroverts who consider their own sensibility to be the universal human standard; so that they think that they're doing me a favor by trying to make me 'open up' by forcing me to join in their verbal masturbation.  I am only now starting to get over the repressed rage I was feeling towards this guy. 

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