Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy & Such

Whenever extreme weather hits the Boston-New-York- DC "national downtown" the national media that tend to be based in this region does naturally tend to focus on the story quite heavily, and it's as if all  America is sitting in a living room with the power gone out telling ghost stories.  I feel somewhat bad in focusing on the romantic aspect of it; this thing is after all causing great pain and misery and has apperently already killed people.  But then again think of all the famous love stories that are set in the midst of major wars; nothing like mass slaughter to bring our passions to the surface so that we all experience things more fully, isn't it all so sweet? 

And am I the only one who finds it seriously fucking perverse that the national media, even NPR, is speculating on how this storm might effect the election?  Christ.  The obvious answer, anyway, is that this is solid evil elitist Fake America country and it won't.

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