Monday, July 23, 2012

There's Been An Incident Here in Lincoln

The victim has requested anonymity.  The assailants were masked.  Details in general are few and sketchy. 

To this I can only say that Lincoln is, by Prairie standards, a tolerant and civilized town.  Still I suppose that it was a hotbed for 1920's nativism, and still we do have the strutting, thuggish, chauvanistic element still existing here.   They should be made to understand that they are already defeated; that if they make it a habit of threatening the peace & safety of any one of us then they will be deservedly treated as precisely the undesirible corruptive force they consider everyone but themselves to be. 

This is my town, and if you harass my neighbors I will fucking fight you.  Everyone in my town is free to be who they are.  If you cannot accept that there are millions of acres of culturally dead homogenous desert starting just west of here that you are free to go to. Do not think for a second that you will ever be able to chase off the queers, freaks, hippies, heathens, infidels,  or any other assorted brand of deviant away from what we have chosen as our home.  We are staying right fucking here you punk motherfuckers, and we are only going to multiply until we outnumber you.  

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