Thursday, July 26, 2012

Late Summer

On the Eastern Great Plains, late summer is primarily the season in which spiders have had the time to grow very fat and very large, complete with immense webs, so that if you're walking through a bushy area you cannot avoid occasionally touching these webs and letting those God. Damned. Things know that you're out there. Anyway, here's a spider eating a warm-blooded vertebrate, just in case you were wondering why the human phobia for the 'little' satans is so neigh near universal.

It is my personal belief that 1955's 'Tarantula' is the best out of the glut of Giant Spider horror films to be made.  In the fifties, when men were men, a medical degree gave one the power to command the US Air Force to bomb American soil.  In fact this was the preffered way to deal with gonorrhea outbreaks in urban slums before they could spread to the more proper classes. 

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