Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Ho Ho

You know Chris Collins, prostate and breast cancer are precisely the things that happened to kill my grandparents Beran.  Though in truth they were old New Deal/Kennedy Democrats.  Maybe they just wern't strong enough to will sickness away like real Americans?  Perhaps I should take it as a lesson for the day those socialist cancer genes turn on my mother and myself?  Asshole. 

In a related gripe, here is part of Collins' 'clarification'. 

 Clearly, I’m not a politician," Collins said. "I come out of the private sector. I speak very directly. I actually answer questions. I’m not someone who filters, who is consistently filtering everything you say.”

Damn, this guy seriously went full O'Brian/Colbert in not just all earnestness but all perfect self-awareness as well.  This man seriously believes that speaking on impulse is more innately honest than internally forming and 'filtering' his statements beforehand .  To put it another way, he seriously believes that the lack of thought one puts in his statements is a truer measure of honesty than the physical accuracy of what is said. 

This sort of macho magical thinking is something else that rubs me personal.  I myself am a deeply introverted person.  I simply can't not filter my words in my mind before I speak them. This for me is a primal instinct.  And it is one that has caused me no small amount of flak in my life. Because I come from a culture and a family where men are expected to control conversation. To speak loudly and certainly are considered fundamental traits of manhood in my native environment, especially when the speaker is performing a prophet-like denunciation of 'One of Those People'.  Under this mindset there is no such thing as a man not having the natural desire to 'Tell You What he Really Thinks.'  And I have had it not so subtly suggested to me that I am some sort of mentally ill coward more than once.   I do have a true, venemous hatred for this pigheaded attitude, is what I'm trying to say.  It has brought me to the edge of actual madness several times.  And I for one would very much prefer a 'Politician' over any jackass who promises to bring more of this crap into our politics.

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