Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Because I'm Somewhat Cranky Today.

The Ebola virus has reached the Ugandan capital of Kampala; population 1.65 million.

Kampala (Entebbe Airport) to New York City (JFK) is a  twenty one & a half-hour trip, two layovers.

Dead time in NYC metro to interact however with whomever one likes; a little under five hours, weekdays. 

New York City (Via Newark International) to Omaha: Three hours, no layovers. 

And oh by the way, the Ebola virus can linger for some time in the sperm of men who have otherwise survived the disease and now appear perfectly healthy; perhaps someone eager to move to a place with better medical facilities and basic sanitary infrastructure, bound to be invigorated by the crazy good luck of his survival and eager to sow his oats.  Who's to say? 

For lunch today I'm going to use a friends garden fresh onions to flavor a tin of store-bought beef stew. It might be me getting old or it might be a temporary thing, but lately I'm just on a kick for really intense, pungent flavor.  In lieu of crackers I'll be using Gordetto's that I soaked in Valentina hot sauce for hours.  How this turns out or whether it would be advisible to you I've no idea.  My lasagna is fucking key.  I make it with chorizo and a pasta salad on the side, also doused with Valantina.  But not often.  Not today. 

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