Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Most delightful Conversation

I'll be travelling this coming week and need a tire patched.  On word of mouth advise I went to the house of a scruffy sixtiesh White Man who I was told would do the job well and cheap. We got to talking and for whatever reason he brought up the whole Penn State-Sandusky business . He saidto  that this was no big deal because the University of Nebraska was full of pedophiles as well.  He elaborated further by stating that Lincoln was "a sick fucking town", full of pedophiles, "faggots down there at the Panic" and 'fucking farm boys' who are so desperate and lacking in standards that they would resort to sex with strippers or even 'Nigger fucking". 

I gave serious thought to telling him about my own experiences with strippers, Black women, or that one Black Man I ran into in Bucktown and thought 'why the hell not?'  As it is I scared up some polite bullshit about a change in plans and drove to Firestone. 

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