Monday, July 2, 2012

I've Been Travelling

Went Han Solo to Rockport, Missouri for fireworks that you can't get here.  The fourth is a big deal in my family, what can I say?  And it is more important than Christmas to me personally.  It is after all just as much the national day for George Clinton, Woody Guthrie and Kurt Vonnegut as it is for the godblessMerica types.  Had a rueben with waffle fries for lunch at the Rockport truckstop and it was well done by foreign standards.

I stumbled into a Huey Lewis and the News show at Memorial Park while wondering through Omaha on Friday night.  Omaha has done quite well to improve its cred since the turn of the century but it is still far from being a Huey-averse town I can tell you.  The place was jumping with thousands of souls.  I shared pulls of Captain Morgan with a man who had the air of living out deep in the hundreds and enjoyed a series of downright competent guitar solos, though 'Hip to be Square' was omitted from the setlist for reasons that are surely beyond comprehension. 

It has been over ninety degrees and rainless every day for the last two weeks and there's a good chance that a major plains city will burn to the ground on this holiday.  The nights are filled with sublime invigoration at the thought of it. 

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