Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In Religion/Health Care/Jon Bruning is a Shameless Hack News

Our state attorney general is among those who sued to prevent provisions for birth control in the HCA that would deny employers the freedom to prevent other citizens from exercising their will. He remains undaunted. 

“Today's decision completely disregards the federal government's continued shell game when it comes to this rule,” he said. “Essentially, this decision asks millions of Americans to watch and wait for their religious liberties to be violated.”

I have a strong intuition that Bruning is a half-sincere, dishonest shill, and I actually like him better than the Gov for that.  My sense is that Heineman honestly believes his own hateful, small-minded nonsense, which would make him a breed of human far more loathesome than a mere hustler.  Bruning, I'm convinced, has simply strapped himself to the gravy train that is the dominant party of a small state and the relatively easy access to the governor's mansion or Capital Hill that comes with that.   What a shame, that he seems bound to end up just like Don Stenberg, doomed to never attain the big Brass Ring(s) in spite of being a good obedient soldier. 

Shame for him anyway.  Rather delicious to ponder for some of us.


  1. he is my boss's wife's brother, and i would say your assessment is spot-on.

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    1. Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome. Could I be considered Direktor of the Sp ce politburo?