Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Okay Conservatives

I know that many of you harbor fantasies of becoming invincible Leviathan through perfect unity of belief.  Still you may have heard about those phony elections that Third-World dictators have from time to time?  Where they claim something like 80 or 90 billionty percent of the vote?  Well you see, the reason why these things are ruefully funny is that there is simply no such thing as any sizable group of people ever being in 83 percent agreement over anything.  It is, in fact, impossible for even a single human mind to be in such near-perfect agreement with itself without the help of some very nifty scapegoating and sloganeering.  Though heaven knows y'all know all about that.   Anyway the main point is that you have made yourselves out to be extremely foolish, again.

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