Friday, December 28, 2012

Tales From North Platte

I'll be here until  Sunday.  What the social life in this town is like these days I don't know.  It's shit cold at night and I haven't even considered stepping out.  I would guess that there's still a great deal of macho posturing and alcohol/meth intoxication that often leads to nasty fights, but like I said I don't know.  Thankfully this town does have its very own tabloid in spite of its size so that you can know who's being arrested for this or that almost as soon as it happens, from anywhere in the world.   It's tawdry yes, but if you saw the television news here (I believe that this is something like the second smallest town in the US with a major network affiliate)  you would agree that there truly is not anything else of interest that happens here.  You won't find me in the blotter though.  I'm staying in, like I said.  By day I gorge on Christmas candy and cheap coffee.  By day I gorge on Game of Thrones and 'Blue State' bourbon gotten for half price from the City Discount Liquor  .  It's a good life, though certainly a  comatose one and improper to maintain for any great length of time.  I'm happy. 


  1. Hi All,


    We really enjoy when comfortable bourgeois atheists talk about the apocalypse...

    Unfinished business

    Are these claims "falsifiable? Millions will see this.

    we're not KIDDING


    get to the article on the APOCALYPSE - pg. 22

    no, 99% have failed!

    1. My roots are rural blue collar, actually, first generation college grad. But I guess that "bourgeois" is in the eye of the beholder. I do try to be comfortable, in fact I'm a moral hedonist, and you are most welcome here spam troll. I honestly enjoy the fact that my blog here is small-time enough to attract your kind. I've the same romantic love for nutters that y'all have for your particular nutteries.