Friday, December 14, 2012


If nothing else, I am really in no Goddamn mood to hear about if only the teachers and/or young children had been armed like all Americans constantly were in the golden age of the True Path.  Beyond the guns there is nothing particularly wicked about US culture that leads to these things.  There have been psychopathic killing sprees in China, Europe or any other place you can think of.  One cultural factor in all of these places might be the patriarchial pressure upon frustrated men to be ; exceptional &decisive factors upon their own social environments.  Even now in the immediate aftermath I can not stop myself from trying to analyze and comprehend in my own way, which I suppose makes me typical.  Mostly though I am only heartbroken and sick.  If you are one of those who thinks that praying for the victims would be of any help then do so, absolutely.   I'm just sick myself.  I don't know what to do except to feel helpless and fucking sick.  god damnit.

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