Sunday, June 26, 2011

OK Mexico

You're good people.  Believe me when I say it's not puffery when I rank you among my favorite foreigners.  I like your culture.  I like your women.  And I hate it when you all get scapegoated for social problems that we pure-as-snow middle Americans couldn't have possibly brought upon ourselves.  

So. I'll begrudge ya nothing.  Congratulations on beating the shit out of us on our home soil.  California, used to be yours you know, well of course you knew that.  Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of industry and natural resources that you're never going to get back. I just mention that as a by the way thing.  I begrudge you nothing, like I said. 

I also mention, and again this is just a by the way thing, that the most important game we ever had against each other; second round of the 02 World Cup, was a game we won, and that therefore nothing you do or accomplish can possibly change the fact that we have the leg up in this rivalry, and you know this, y'all.  Have a nice day, and enjoy your Tatooine summer down there. 

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