Monday, June 13, 2011

NBA Finals

Part of me is tempted to join in with all the Lebron hate, I mean this... is more insanely over the top then Rush and Jim Steinman doing coke together while planning a tour with set designs by Julie Taymor. 

But as much as I am tempted to make be the billionth man to make a cheap 'no you didn't' jibe I can't help but feel that much of the animosity towards James is based on racism, especially with all the downright foul allusions to his mothers history as a working girl; or at the very least is based on the old Anglo-Saxon/Roman insistence on instilling games between boys with a profound moral import that simply ain't there.

I'm glad the ugly-ass Teutonic guy won a title before he got to old to play, would have been tragic if he didn't. It is simply impossible to imagine James not winning at least one trophy for himself in the next two years, (just join the Bulls and everything will come up roses man.) and I have every hope in the world that he does.  He's not a bad guy and was never indebted to Ohioans or anyone else to deliver anything.  Get over yourselves, and get along with your own lives.  Mine will involve drinking a bottle of Barefoot just because the whether depresses me slightly.


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