Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And A Late Post About Soccer

First of all, if you're Panamanian, you're cool, congrats to you and your boys.  Go ahead and stop reading now.

So, team USA, you lost to fucking Panama in the States?  No, no, no, no, no no, no, no, fuck no.  Blow up the fucking team, not like a bad baseball team, I mean blow up the fucking team.  Normally I'm happy to live in a culture where a losing soccer team doesn't need police protection from its own fans, but in this case, no.  You really should be stoned to death by a mob.  There have been three recent moments when a sports team has left me wondering why the hell I was stupid enough to invest a scintilla of time or emotion in them, the sinking feeling of dating a woman for a few weeks only to one day find the Twilight Saga carefully arraigned in chronological order on her bedroom shelf.  Those would be the Nebraska football games against Iowa State in 09 and last seasons Holiday Bowl, and now this disgrace by the national team.

Bob Bradley isn't a bad coach.  I never did and do not blame him for failing to capitalize on the opportunity to make a historically deep run in the World Cup last year.  That was just a case of a team unusually good at riding their luck running out of luck when they did.  But the fact is that whatever the spark was in this team has disappeared under Bradley's watch.  There was the beatdown from Spain, (Of course we lost, but the fact we got killed is disturbing.)  And now a thing that's been unheard of in American soccer for over twenty years; a home defeat to our own de-facto colony.   If we come back to beat Mexico and win the tournament, fine, but to paraphrase Chris Rock it would be a case of not supposed to go to jail.  It shouldn't be enough to spare Bradley's job.

Guy looks like a fucking vampire anyway.      

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