Friday, June 10, 2011

Bullshit Growing in The Womb

There seems to be a narrative developing that current flooding on the Missiouri is the fault of those damned enviromentalists and the Army corps of Enginers holding back river flows during the winter due to enviromental concerns.  The basis for believing this thing is that, in the words of Tom Ritzdorf of York, "Many are convinced', (many Strong, Real Americans mind you,)  that this is so. Because everyone knows that nature can only ever hurt us when we fail to grab her by the hips and show her who's boss. 

You're stupid if you believe this, is all there is to say.  For some reason I'm reminded of the scene in 'Armageddon' (Yes. I am ashamed) where Bruce Willis is shocked; shocked, that the mighty U.S. Government has only a single improvised plan for dealing with a situation that in real life would be utterly hopeless, period point blank.  There are an infinite number of natural forces that are stronger than human will, even when it comes in superconcentrated American demigod form. 

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