Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Conservatives Stand Behind the president

As much as they despise Obama it is truly heartwarming to see them so concerned for his safety , or if not that to at least worship the security apparatus around every president of wither party.  It is also truly heartwarming to see them worried that our president has been threatened; or at least angry that their fantasies of Strong Men with uniforms and guns exercising total control have been shattered; whatever the case may be.

In  all honesty though we should let Laura Ingraham's bizarre, culture war-pimping rant serve as a reminder that those who blindly assume "strength" to be the solution to and the lack of it the cause of any conceivable problem are in no sense "realist" in how they relate to danger, crime, evil or enemies.  Their worldviews are entirely premised on denying their own mortal weakness and insignificance in favor of annihilating themselves to some Great Eternal Truth or demagogues who perform being strong in the most ripely cartoonish way possible.  

In my adult life I have never been one who held to the post-Cold War consensus that these deluded fools can be more trusted in a crisis because they "understand evil".  No; they don't understand evil.  In the manner of "Fourteen Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt"   they need unquestionably evil enemies that will always be there' so that they can define themselves as positive by comparison, yet at the same time need to feel "strong" by believing they could destroy the enemy any time they wanted to; if only their soft-hearted neighbors were as strong as they were.  This mindset is the furthest thing from understanding evil or anything else; as it requires a willful denial of the reality around myself.  If the strawhippies who wanted to give our enemies flowers were actually real they would still be less dangerous in confronting threat as they would at least have the potential to gauge the strengths and vulnerabilities of both sides in an accurate manner.  Those who worship strength & their own fantasies of being stronger than thou have no such hope. 

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