Friday, September 19, 2014


There is no actual distinction between Strong reason and Weak emotion.  There is no purely rational reason to eat, sleep, hydrate, copulate, not feed oneself to lizards or in a word to do anything without an the emotional desire for something  preceding it.

Nor is there any actual distinction between strong self-interest and weak altruism.  There would be no nations, no capitalist socialist or any other economies of any sort, no society culture or perceived ethnicities etc. if mutual self-interest were not in fact the norm of human being.

These hard/soft oppositions are imagined to exist because people want such oppositions to exist for their own sake.  There is a need to invent distinctions between the strong/superior masculine and the weak/inferior feminine.  And given the protest-too-much willingness of some men to discard other social qualities that are otherwise valued; like dignity or maturity, in order to prove ourselves hard, I'd dare say that deep down most of us are fully aware that these distinctions are in fact bullshit.  At I've little patience for claims to 'nature' or 'realism' from either men or women who, from whatever fear of weakness or inadequacy, seek to perserve such obviously false dichotomies.

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