Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Tawdry Little Matter

Nebraska's lieutenant  governor apparently assaulted his sister in a dispute over the future of their family's farmland in the lower Missouri Valley.   In addition to being Governor Henieman's lieutenant this Heidermann was also the running mate for current GOP gov. candidtate Pete Ricketts. That's all out the window now; with the GOP facing an outside possibility of actually losing this governor's race a scandal of this sort simply could not be abided; and at any rate it was of course the right thing to do.  Heidermann has been replaced by state auditor Mark Foley (most always wrong, but at least a person of competence and integrity.) as Liet. Governor candidate, and we carry on.  Heidermann's name will still be on the November ballot though of course the law cannot force him to run against his own will nor that of his party or his superior on the ticket.

I'm no angel for pointing out the obvious fact that there's nothing especially 'partisan' to be said here.  siblings behaving badly with each other when inheritance comes into question is not a Republican-specific thing, and if only it were so that only conservatives ever felt entitled to beat 'hysterical' woman-folk into seeing reason, though they are of course more inclined to rationalize such thuggery. 
The governor himself said yesterday that he would withhold judgment on his lieutenant until all of the facts were in.  That's only fair, indeed the only decent thing for one to do.  It is not a courtesy that Heinieman would ever extend to social outsiders accused of something awful, he would of course be eager to believe anything bad said about brown people or outside-agitating animal rights hippies on first hearing, but never mind.  The Republican Party has in truth acted appropriately here.  It might have been a case where the right thing to do was screamingly obvious but from this sort we should take nothing for granted.  

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