Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just In Case You're Confused

Remember that the outrage is the end itself.      These particular right-wingers are not getting outraged due to lack of intelligence or on account of being mind-whammied by this or that media figure, but because they view outrage as in itself denoting courage, strength, manliness etc.  Because they view anger at and an eagerness to punish evil as the "masculine" and thus superior way to morally express themselves over 'feminine' compassion and empathy.  Because once one "knows" that anyone who loves their country in the most generic sense must automatically default to conservatism, anything we liberals do, including perfectly opposing things, will be taken as proof of the same pre-determined conclusion.  Because once there is no measure of foolishness or ridiculousness except to exist outside the tribe of Real Americans those who are inside the tribe have free reign to be as foolish and ridiculous as they like in order to prove themselves more inside the tribe than each other.

Any questions?  

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