Friday, October 3, 2014

Ebola comment Sections

Good God Damn; but some people do take the threat of being made unclean by social outsiders very primaly don't they?*

Let us be perfectly cleat shall we?  On the day you do catch a virus of some kind; on the unavoidable when you will be infected with something that makes your body do disgusting things and your conscious life a constant agony, your disease will most likely come from someone among your own kind, your own children, your spouse or sexual partner, your boss, your best freind.  The people we love are the ones who make us sick.  The people we trust and rely on in times of difficulty are the ones who make us sick.  It has always been thus and I know you must have already experienced this truth directly. Why then do we insist on believing that the threat of infection must ipso facto be an exotic one?  Is the truth you've experienced directly really so painful as that?  You had might as well attempt to fly from your roof as believe that human measures of 'cleanliness' or 'civility' are things that nature and mortality care the slightest fig about.      

* There's also a common desire within these comments to believe that all bad things that happen are the result of someone's intentional will and could therefore be potentially controlled through sufficient will to punish.  The answer to this is no; you stupid assholes.  

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