Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I've Given Up Drinking Mostly

But I want scotch. 

I've cleaned fish.  I have a rough technical knowledge of how to gut a wildebeest; it's the same, just larger scale, but no hands' on experience.  I technically know the trick of how to rip out a fish's entire digestive system with too small cuts and one clean jerk but never had the nerve to try it. 

I want scotch with some really meaty casserole type thing, or better yet some African peanut soup with hunks of blackened-grilled chicken in it and enough saracha sauce to make you go blind if the slightest drop hits your eye. I want gravy made of nothing but capsaicin and melted bone.  In Chicago I tried lox which is brined fish served on a bagel and it served me when it was summer there but entirely too motherfucking daintyass for my taste just now.  Even then I only had it as a side to my egg-stacked biscuits and gravy drenched in hot sauce with excellent black coffee and no water. 

Fish would be a more regular food to me if they were rolled into blackened fish meatballs comprised of ghost pepper and meat half and half.  I have taken to adding a bit of pumpkin spice creamer to my coffee but I just love pumpkin too is all.  In winter I still take my first cup black and thick as always. 

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