Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Every Nebraska Prisoner Gets out for Good Time

Doesn't that make us lenient little angels?  

Actually no.  Of course it doesn't.  Prisoners get automatic good time no matter what because our prisons are overcrowded.  And of course the main reason why they are overcrowded is because of nonviolent drug offenders.  Same old story same old.  But of course Governor Heineman and hack attorney General Jon Bruning have no intention of eliminating those offenses or any intention to stop lavishing funds upon the State Patrol or Local police so the money can be spent on addiction treatment mental health or general welfare. 

Their new legislation to require actual standards for earning good time is reasonable so far as it goes.  It is born out of the Nikko Jenkins affair, a man who was already established as a violent loon before he went to prison once; was put in solitary to protect other prisoners and staff from him, (while begging his own self for mental health treatment) and then once released on good time proceeded to murder four innocent members of the public in the space of about a month, at least partly on the orders of an 'Egyptian god' who does not actually exist in the standard Pharonic pantheon.  

The rule change as I said is a reasonable one but at the same time far from adequate.  Heiniman has been shirking his legal duty to address the crowding problem our prisons already have and shows every sign that he will continue to do so.  In the meantime he is pushing to eliminate for massive tax cuts so that Nebraska will never be able to afford to meet its basic needs in either public safety or welfare.   The man himself, at least, seems to sincerely believe that he's doing the right thing by us, now and always.  At least he has that.

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