Sunday, January 12, 2014

Closing Bridges and Such

Out of all the murdering bastards on 'Breaking Bad' I must say that Tyrus is the character that I absolutely loathe the most.  I can understand being a tyrant or a thug for one's own material gain, evil as this can be.  But I nothing but the deepest contempt for riding the tiger's back, to be a bastard fr somebody else's benefit; and then not just coldly accept your paycheck but actually feel arrogant yourself over basking in somebody else's power.  Despicable, utterly disgusting. 

I never did care for Chris Christie.  He's a bore, the sort of man sort of man an introverted lefty like me has nightmares about sitting next to on a plane.  Arrogant, mean and 'moderate' only by the standards of the GOP in its current fallangiloon  form.  And I doubt that he really knew nothing about the GW bridge closing.  Innocent until proven till and all that, but I doubt it.

But whether or not it was just out-of control subordinates, precisely what kind of.... people could these subordinates possibly be.  What kind of filth would this Kelly and Wildestein have to be to take pleasure out of showing those damned liberals what's up, all for somebody else's aggrandizement.  Christie could have waltzed to the Senate or the White House without us having ever hearing of their 'contributions' to the world.  Yet still the pride expressed in those e-mails is clearly sincere; and all for a political gain that was in all probability imaginary; some measure of 'bipartisan' esoterica that might gain improving nods from the East Coast press for a day or two and then be forgotten long before it would influence a single vote in a contest that may never come.  Incredible.  At least G. Gordon Liddy was and is able to act and think on a Grand Apocalyptic scale, none of this shitassed junior prom tyranny. 

In addendum:  I'm okay with 'federalism' mainly, in the various things it means to various people federalism is in itself morally neutral at worst, mostly.  Having said that, is it really a good idea to give local/state authorities the power to restrict access to the most direct route into New York from much of the country's interior?  The GW bridge, Holland tunnel etc and all their approaches should be under full federal control.

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