Thursday, January 23, 2014

Being More Anti-Abortion Than Thou Must be Tiring

Alternate title :   "I have never seen anything so asinine in my life,"

Perhaps women should be allowed to have abortions only if ten hours of Lord Hypnotoad's mysterious commands leaves them still inclined towards that procedure. 

Or maybe they should be allowed abortions only if able to produce a 19-0 record in Tecmo Super Bowl with the Arizona Cardinals.  This requires serious discipline believe you me.  Precisely the steel a woman needs to stop carousing and buckle down to a woman's Only Real Work of bearing the heirs her man has already created single-handedly. 

My own personal preference and recommendation though is to require all abortion clinics to cover every wall and ceiling with this....

Requirements for surgeons to hop on one foot and chew gum while operating have unfortunately already been found to fall short of constitutional muster. 


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