Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well, As For This Thing: What an Asshole is all There Really is to Say.

Elo Hank, enemy here.  And in regards to finding it strange that speaker Boehner playing golf and making friendly chit chat with HIM.  Well, it is strange isn't it?  Except no, not at all.  Have you never considered, for even a few seconds, that when your political and media leaders tell you that liberals are out to rape and murder all decency, and that it is only the superhuman courage of Real American conservatives like yourself that is keeping us from overrunning the gates, that it just may be a load of bullshit, that they themselves aren't instilled with the solar level of stupid needed to truly believe such bullshit, but that you and your drinking buddies apparently are?     Have you ever stopped to wonder that there might be something wrong with yourself for honestly desiring such a world?  A quixotic nutmeg delusion where everyone alive has an intimate relationship of either perfect camaraderie with a few or perfect enmity with everyone else?  I'm know you get this all the time man but, your dad thinks you're a jackass.

P.S.  Why are you dressed like you're in jail on national television?  find a decent shirt for fucks sake.  Don't try to pretend that you're too country to have a walk-in closet full of them.

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