Friday, October 14, 2011

Anglish Decleration of Independence

Is the belief that there's such a thing as a 'pure' language free of foreign 'corruption'   inherently racist?  Nahhhh.  What would ever give you that idea?

Interesting all the same, despite the pernicious conceit.

"When in the Fare of mennishly belimps, it becomes needful for one Leed to formelt the mootly bends which have limpledged them with another, and to nim among the mights of the earth, the sunderly and even standing which the Laws of Ykind and of Ykind's God befeal them, a thewly eighting to the weens of mankind tharf that they should abeed the Andwork which fordrive them to the sundering.
We hold these truths to be selforknew, that all men are shapen alike, that they are bestowed by their Shapend with ywis unafremthedly Rights, that among these are Life, Freedom, and the followth of Happiness.--That to fasten these rights, Leedwards are astelled among Men, nimming their rightful mights from the thaving of the onsteered.--That whenever any Hue of Leedward becomes harmful to these ends, it is the Right of the Folk to awend or fordo it, and astell new Leedward, laying its groundwork on such groundlaws and stighting its mights in such hue, as to them shall seem most yseethedly to ygo their Frithew and Happiness. Glewness, indeed, will stave that Leedwards long aset should not be awended for light and henward Andwork; and thas all acunning hath shewn that mankind are more yhang to thole, while evils are tholendly, than to right themselves by fordoing the hues to which they are ywont. But when a long row of shendings and oththingings, afterfollowing onefoldly the same End swettles a forthsettenness to lessen them under unthewful Neediwold, it is their right, it is their needright, to throw off such Leedward, and to bebear new Wards for their forthward orsorrowness.--Such has been the forbearing tholing of these Landbewnesses; and such is now the needtharveness which ybedes them to awend their former Endbirthnesses of Yreck. The stare of the andward King of Great Bretland is a stare of yloomly wounds and oththingings, all having in forthright end the statheling of an utter Neediwold over these Rikes. To seeth this, let Deedsakes be underworpen to a rightheart world.
He has atdeemed his Tithe to Laws, the most wholesome and needful for the folkly good.
He has forbidden his Steerends to thave Laws of forthwith and thringing weightiness, unless atstrenged in their workdeed ere his Tithe should be underfangen; and when so atstrenged, he has utterly forslacked to bego them.
He has asaken to thave other Laws for the nit of unlittle bolditale of leed, unless those leed would forlet the right of Aspeling in the Redegift, a right undeemendly to them and athrack to leedhaten only.
He has called together lawmaking bodies at steads uniwonely, unqueme, and far from the netherlay of their folkly Yshednesses, onefoldly to thy that they be wearied into thwareness with his metings.
He has totwemed Aspelendly Houses unseldom, for withquething with manly fastness his harryings on the rights of the folk.
He has asaken for a long time, after breakups, to make others to be chosen, whereby the Lawmakerish Mights, unoutworksome of Wipeouting, have came back to the Folk at big for their out working; the Redeship biding in the half time bare to all the threats of overrun from without, and handfasts within.
He has undertaken to hinder the befolking of these Folkdoms; for that sake hindering the Laws for Folkening of Outlanders; asaking to overtake others to hearten their movings hither, and raising the fettles of new Befittings of Lands.
He has hindered the Handling of Fairness, by asaking his Leave to Laws for building Deemhood mights.
He has made Deemers offhanging on his Will alone, for the hold of their works, and the muchness and fee of their earnings.
He has set up a manifold of New Works, and sent hither swarms of Sheriffs to bother our folk, and eat out their pith.
He has kept among us, in times of frith, Standing Heres without the Leave of our lawmakers.
He has gotten a bead at to make the Landmight standalone of and better than the Rike power.
He has gatherbounden with others to yoke us to a law altheodish to our writlaw, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Leave to their Deeds of would have been Forelaw:
For Housing big bodies of beweaponed heres among us:
For warding them, by a geck Checkout, from scolding for any Murders which they should betake on the dwellers of these Folkdoms:
For cutting off our Trade with all deals of the world:
For saddling Gelds on us without our Leave:
For bedealing us in many bisels, of the behoofs of Checkout by Oathmen:
For ferrying us beyond Seas to be checked out for would have been wrongs:
For fordoing the free Freamwork of English Laws in a neighbouring Great Shire, building therein an Strongmanish redeship, and swelling its Bounds so as to make it at once a bisen and fit tool for making known the same outright oversight into these Rikelings:
For taking away our Bestowing Deeds, fordoing our most worthsome Laws, and shifting underlyingly the Shape of our Redeships:
For hanging our own Lawmakers, and broadcasting themselves wended with might to make law for us in all bisens whatsoever.
He has forsworn Redeship here, by broadcasting us out of his Warding and bearing on Unfrith against us.
He has plundered our seas, wrecked our Shores, burnt our towns, and smote the lives of our folk."

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