Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughts on Secret song Meanings

There was a period in my adolescence when me and my friends were preoccupied about the deep secret meanings of our favorite rock songs. Trends from previous generations tend to hang in the air out in the sticks.  Also we were constantly high.

I think the much-derided overanalysis of popular rock songs from in the sixties and seventies (As well as insistence upon the 'revolutionary' aspects of fucking your best friends girlfriend or shooting heroin) in the sixties just goes to show that the counterculture was really just a part of the greater Anglo-Saxon, post- Puritan American mainstream culture; nagged by the same hangup of everything, fun not excepted, needing to have some greater moral and philosophical purpose.  Bob Dylan, among others, is famous for recognizing this conceit for what it is/was and having a great deal of trickster fun with it, and that's especially funny in light of the campaign to reward him the Noble Prize for literature.       Which, having said that, isn't to say that he doesn't deserve it.  I mean, come on, you know you can't fuck with this...

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