Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tip for Amatuer Erotic Writers

It's perfectly alright to build a fictional universe where your own proclivities are more common than in our world. That's a writer's prerogative.  But please still bear in mind that your fetish is perceived as a 'fetish' for a reason and that it simply won't do to build a world where every human alive of whatever cultural background or general orientation just happens to share your particular fetish.  This simply goes beyond a recognizable human credibility even if you build the most fantastic universe with rules wildly different from our own.   It cheapens your tale, you see; causes reader indifference.  People would be disinclined to keep up with the how and why of your climactic battle if they know it's just an excuse for another 20 page diversion into how much the emperor loves to rub himself off on the lower spines of miniaturized rat people.  Sometimes you need to step back and allow your characters some autonomy of will. It makes everything better.    

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