Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No Justice No Peace is Self-Evident Common Sense

Looting Isn't cool or anything like that: and yet....

"The law' you see, does not exist as an abstract totem of moral authority to submit oneself to.  Nor are police officers the priestly representatives of this non-existent ideal.  Police are the passive agents of laws that other people make; no less and no more. If the promise of social deference or 'respect' played the slightest motive in one's pursuit of a law enforcement career, then one should not have been allowed to pursue a law enforcement career.  But I digress.

'The law' you see, only actually exists in as much as people gain from it materially.  This goes no less for the privileged than it does for the oppressed. If summery execution is the penalty for, as a matter of fact, obeying the law, then it is in no sense 'radical' but statement of objective fact to say that the law does not exist.  If a young black man or anyone else knows that the law's 'or else' is the only  consequence of anything he does or doesn't do, then of course the law doesn't exist. Why would it?  How could it? 

 As I said before I do deplore looting and chaos; up to a point.  I myself am no Marxist but merely Keynesian, no militant but merely liberal.  Yet if one finds the current looting in the St. Louis area to be 'outrageous' or what have you then please understand, among those who can expect summery execution for obeying the law respect for property cannot possibly exist; and again this is quite indisputable.  One has to be alive to own things. One has to be alive to enjoy or appreciate any level of wealth in any way.  And as of now as of our entire history so far our black compatriots, our neighbors throughout our national journey who have formed us as much as vice-versa, have no cause to reasonably expect that their lives will be protected.  Their lives are not being protected.  It's quite as simple as that. 

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