Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oh Omaha

The police department there may have very well killed "COPS".    At the very least there is probably not going to be an Omaha episode of "COPS" now, and I confess to somewhat looking forward to that episode for the same perverse voyeuristic reasons everyone looks forward to watching that rotten little public shaming orgy.

We common citizens should above all else remain fair-minded here.  We must especially remember that the chronological nearness to the Micheal Brown murder is a coincidence that does not magically shape the facts of this one incident.  We should remember that the OPD were not acting out of irrational fear or contempt for the general public or any particular segment of it here; they were responding to an actual major violent felony being actually committed by a deliberate villain, (one Cortez Washington.)  We should remember that we would be asking the police to be superhuman if we demanded them to tell the difference between a BB gun and an organ-shredding 'real' gun in the heat of the moment.   And yet by this same fair-mindedness we are still forced to ask ourselves this; thirty fucking shots fired at a single bad guy.  Really? Even if every officer at the scene happened to have ubermenshenly perfect aim there still would have been bullets hitting something or someone they weren't intended for by the mere fact of there being no more bad guy to shoot.

From what we know so far this tragedy does not seem to have come about from prejudice on the part of Omaha police but rather 'mere' incompetence.  whether it is better to have competent though bigoted, anti-egalitarian police force or a police force that simply doesn't know what it is doing is for each individual to decide for herself.  And all snark aside we must certainly remember COPS soundman Bryce Dion and especially his friends and family at this time.


In other Nebraska news:  It is a truly sublime thing when angel Ernie tears into Devil governor and something  he definitely do more often.

  Chambers said the presidency was "simply too tall an order and too big a responsibility for someone of your meager, inadequate capability to handle competently and effectively."

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