Monday, August 4, 2014

I Remember

As I recall it was either late fall or early winter.  I know it was Sunday night because I was at O'Rourke's having one of their cheap but serviceable bloody Mary's.  This is not a ritual of mine per se but rather something I may or may not do based on being truly hungover and especially if I had something savory or spicy for dinner that day.  Anyway I was here in this day smoking in the streetfront cube where I met a man who'd come up from Texas for some kind of contract work.  He saw me drinking alone and accosted me for rambling Texas banter.  I told him that I noticed the distinct Texan of his accent and he replied rather defensively that 'it's Southern!'  I suggested otherwise at no point at all though I meant that I had his accent pegged for north Texas/Oklahoma in particular; Southern watered down by Great Plains flatcent influences. 

He made a point of hitting on the blond pony-tailed waitress at O'Rourke's; the quiet one with the probable husband/boyfriend who works at the Zoo.  I've 'known' her for near a decade now and I've may have heard her name before or maybe not as I'm quiet too.  Anyway he clearly made her uncomfortable though she must have built some protective callus against such jackassitude by now. Eventually I managed to not-too-roughly get away from him myself; and while I know it's wrong to stereotype anyone; even when it comes to assuming that all white Texans are loutish obnoxious dudebros; the fact remains that this particular one.....

Well I guess he caused no real harm.

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