Monday, July 1, 2013


You have the right to feel good about yourself only in as much as you are dominating others or pounding 'The Rules' down upon them from above. Life is a harsh and cruel test of how harsh and cruel you can be.  Let no one dare suggest that there are moral values more important then strength, toughness, and real manliness, amen. 



If I myself were given the choice between theocracy or military dictatorship...  FUCK :(   I'm going to go set a flag on fire with a roman candle then get drunk and buy porn in the afternoon because I can.  This is exactly how I marked my eighteenth birthday but hey that's alright.  


An Olympics on the Great Plains would actually be very cool, matter of fact.  The culture here does tend to view sports rather seriously, and when I say seriously I mean as in honestly perceiving victory in sports as proof of superior moral virtue just like the Greeks intended.  We love the Olympics.  America mops shit up in the Olympics.  Still I think that Tulsa is being overly ambitious by far here.  A joint Tulsa-Oklahoma City bid might be more tenable.  Matter of fact I'm pretty sure that both Oklahoma and Kansas City have the stadium capacity to hold a a full scale Olympics right now.  Seriously though we are really fucking big into sports like I said.  Or if even the medium-large cities aren't big enough for the world there's always; well, Dallas.  I assume the marathon would be routed somewhere away from Elm Street. 

But anyway the main reason I can't support Tulsa's bid is that one of them just had to go there. 

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