Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day in North Platte

The compensatory rain this year has been a blessing.  I mean that literally as in the spiritual sense.  Along the old 2-lane route into town from the east, near Brady Nebraska,     sits a riot of sunflowers within a decadently green field.  I would have stopped to take a picture that I could show to you here; but I was driving naked in order to save on air conditioning and gas and also; well also for its own sake too.

The niece that I helped babysit as a toddler is here from Sacramento, living with my parents for the summer and sixteen now.  She doesn't like Nebraska water. The hell now?! Nobody doesn't like Nebraska water.

The problem of finding something to do here... same as it ever was.  I suppose I'll engage in some writing along with some mild to moderate drinking....    

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