Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Voting is more important to me than love or certainly marriage.     Not that I myself have to worry much about being impeded by either, I'm a straight White Bachelor. No one who sees me would suspect me of deviant practice or belief. 

The VRA decision was one of the most shameless acts of pretzel logic & appropriation of Civil rights language tropes for the purpose of Santafying the movement that I have ever seen.  And I've seen quite a lot of that believe me.I was a school kid in the nineties. This judgement is more example of how the voodoo of Constitutional 'originalism' appeals chiefly to those who find our original oppressive hierarchies appealing.    Still the same global media eye that brought Jim Crow down has obviously been amplified in strength a hundred fold, so attempts to disenfranchise minorities, the poor, or even just cold strategic dilution of the liberal urban vote is going to have to be very clever.  They are bound to be exactly that, do not doubt this; and we as citizens are going to have to be on our guard as always.  

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