Monday, July 8, 2013

I Nearly Zooslaughtered a Family of Racoons Last Night

They were eating roadkill along eastbound US 34 between Aurora and York.  Of course they gave no thought as to how their free prize came to be dead, and even when they were in my headlights they didn't seem to understand just how much danger they were in.  they scuttled in some slight worry but didn't make a run for it.  I had to jerk quickly into the opposing lane and then qucikly back again as a semi was approaching.  I hope that some part of them feel gratitude towards me. 

There was some storm weather that formed over the Sandhills and paralleled me to the north of the Platte River/I-80 aorta all night.  From my van I saw lightning strikes around St. Paul, Central City.  I could see that it was moving in a straight line for Omaha but I don't know if the city was hit.  There were a couple water spots on my windshield that may have been wildly astray rain or just dead bugs.

The lesbians along fourth street in midtown Grand Island are terribly good people.  I wish that I could have joined them with their frozen Sunny D bottle of vodka and lemonade but I had more driving to do.  

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