Wednesday, July 17, 2013

'..... And Became a Monster'


If that's not a slavering show of approval than what is right?  I knew those sick bastards at Rolling Stone were up to know good from the beginning. 

Seriously though it's clear that Fred Clark's AKBC brigade is marching in full song here.  Some people out there want to believe that it is rare and exceptional to be anti-murder anti-terrorism exceptional and that they are elitely brave for being these things.  Well of course it isn't; and of course they are not.  Yes Virginia, it is a given that everyone save the bombers themselves is against blowing up joggers and that no one is under any obligation to prove this with a ritual show of condemnation and rage.  One is not, by the way, 'really truly' anti-terroist only if they support whatever theatricaly sadistic 'true penalty' you may loudly demand for this young Caucasian.  And you know what?  If  Tsarnaev records an album in some genre I enjoy, like some heavy golden-era sounding funk or King Crimson style jazz-prog I wouldn't reject it out of hand.  I would definitely give it a listen.  Can you handle that? 

For honesty's sake  I must admit that I am suspicious if this thing is really that much of a controversy or if the news networks are trying to pump it up into one as part of getting through the summer loll.  I suppose you could mark me among the suckered on account of this post if that's the case.  Oh well.

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