Friday, July 26, 2013

And Some Soccer News

I know that the results have come largely against nations with fewer people than the town of Chicago, but the 'someday' when the US national team finally becomes more than a plodding, flailing World Cup bubble team just might be, just might be, finally at hand.  The boys are playing good football, bracing and confident, and Landon Donovan looks like he could play for another ten years.  I'd like that. 

Of course, Panama are good enough to beat us so; we'll see.  Though I must say that while Klinsmann has been a good coach for us I'm not terribly concerned about his-maybe suspension for the final.        The utter ghettoness of CONCACAF that's produced his Shrodinger's fate is an issue that should be dealt with; really it should just be merged with CONMEBOL.  But as for the game itself?  It's soccer, not some authoritarian bludgeon fest, a real team shouldn't need a coach to play well. 

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