Monday, June 3, 2013

I Have Drunk Two Liters of Coffee Today

This may sound cold given current events, but those who do not live in tornado prone-regions seem to sometimes have the notion that these storms are some kind of apocalyptic ultra-death rays.       This is not actually the case unless it is.  What I mean by that is that while nothing human-built is able to withstand a direct hit from even a moderately strong tornado, and probably never will be, the storms are small in area, so that even if a twister is directly over your town right now the odds of being hit by one are quite small.  Of course if take no precautions when a warning comes and you do get hit then you are going to be killed in a hundred different ways at the same time.  Your family would be lucky if you leave a recognizable corpse that only needs a single coffin.  All in all though the odds of being murdered by nature are a good deal lower here on these Plains then they are in earthquake or hurricane country.  So there's that.


Wooot!     Yes, it was only a friendly but that doesn't confront me.  What sort of does is all the talk of this being a 'morale booster' for the Men's national soccer team.  Come the hell on now people, this isn't AYSO.  You're supposed to win at home, yeesh.

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