Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is Happening

Of course it has nothing to do with race; no of course not.    

Never mind that the national border is the obvious prerogative of the national government, that the proper means of enforcing immigration law can only possibly be whatever the federal government decides they are, that only an idiot would claim the feds are in any way bound by some higher truth of the sanctity of borders or culture, that Nebraska Arizona or any other state which takes it upon themselves to enforce what they imagine immigration laws to be are illegally overstepping their bounds.  It is only about respect for the law you see.  Illegal means illegal you pc ninny and race has nothing to do with it. 

I have Yankee-born very White family members who have been to prison for crimes they were indeed guilty of.  They're out now and are licensed to drive because why wouldn't they be?  Their crimes had nothing to do with driving drunk running someone over or anything else related to a car.  So why deny them access to a livelihood just to show a righteous willingness to make Snidely Whiplash suffer?  This is a very strange idea and would only be the more so if posited as obvious common sense.  But then I guess what makes a thing common sense is whether or not it's the proper sort of people who are saying it, not whether or not it makes sense.

Yes, I know, 'driving is a privilege not a right.'  I agree that this is true.  A license to drive is not a right but it ain't no fucking Nobel Prize either.  It is not and was never meant to be understood as a reward for being especially law-abiding and good and you know this. 

And yes, of course it is only about respect for the law and has nothing to do with race.  The continued belief that 'The Illegals' are sucking up welfare, (in brave, True American defiance of all reality.)  has nothing to do with racism, of course not.  Cultural essentialism is totally different from racism don't you know?  There's magic dust in the air that makes people who were born here intrinsically righteous rule-obeying and industrious in a way that they are not.  Even when those people do deign to work they obviously do so only for the hedonistic pleasures of money.  While when we work it's because we are filled with a great sacrificial duty to our families or the concept of work itself.  Everyone knows this.    

I think many if not most of us would agree that America is special because anyone can be one.  (So long as.... kiss my ass.  America is special because anyone can be one without condition.)  The fact that our beloved country is, before all else, a physical place that one can just walk into is I suppose an especially primal or even rude reminder of that.  But if you fear that a larger more heterogeneous and more complex population would dilute your own personal specialness for living in a special country.  Sorry, but you and I are not in any way special for being American, and we have never had the right to feel or desire such a thing. 

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