Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some quick Midweek Notes

I can only hope that this was some sort of dark-humored meta-gag. 


About the RV's man.  I heard someone yesterday considering buying one that gets seven miles a gallon./  That's singular seven, and uhh, whatever your politics might happen to be, you must know that there's only gasoline for so long as there's a larger civilization to produce it, right?  I mean shit, 'The Road Warrior' was bad enough and most of those people had motorbikes.  And who exactly do you think you'd be impressing with your elderly Midwest suburbanite status symbols?


I saw this on a friday night sometime in 94.  I was staying up late alone flipping between MTV and Cinemax when this came on and it made me know I was high before I'd ever been high right?

The Gretna Ne, Wal-Mart  sits at the literal end of the Omaha metro along Interstate 80; right at the   physical divide between continuous build-up and corn.  My God but you should see how green and lush it is when you look southwest from there.  I am seriously telling you to fly into either Lincoln or Omaha for nothing but that from wherever you are.  No-scenery-state my ass. 
I left the tab open on my box of Franzia red last night and spilt about half, about eight dollars worth, all over to hell.  I got some red wine on the Vollmann book I borrowed from Benson Petshop :/ 
Benson is cool sure but is a little overgentrified and cute.  It needs something more than sporadic Mexican food it needs a fixture. 

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