Thursday, June 13, 2013

Since it was "My" Congressman who Started This Asinine Argument Train

Though thankfully it was not Fortenberry of Lincoln and the rural east who made the most ridiculous soundbite. 

All the same though, it's like this you sorry bastards.  I know the claim that Dutch elderly and disabled are being "cast off" is deliberately meant to sound foreboding in a way that doesn't actually mean anything that could be verified. Still The Netherlands fall solidly under whatever one defines 'The West'  be. Dutch people built New York. Rich Dutch-Americans have been interbreeding with rich Anglo-Saxons since bundling maid days. There have been Dutch presidents since before Scottish people were considered White. There are daily direct flights to Amsterdam from even second tier cities like Minneapolis.  The cultural ties between North America and the Low countries are beyond integral.  One can no more paint the Dutch as fiendishly alien then they could the D.A.R.  Nobody is that fucking Republican. There are at any given moment tens of thousand of Americans in the Netherlands who can see for themselves that the old and infirm are not being renewed there.  Tell me, House GOPsters,, is it the legal weed that makes these loyal friends and cultural kin to us open season for slander in your eyes? Or are you really as fucking stupid as you pretend to be?  Do you perhaps honestly believe that we are that fucking stupid?    

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