Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Statehood Eve Babe

One hundred and forty six years of cultural superiority to Kansas.  And doubt not that the day shall soon come when our soldiers every inch of our rightful territory.  As you can see, the old joke question of why there are two Dakotas completely misses the point.  there should by rights be none, and those who make their lives in and thus acquiesce to the existence of these states are nothing but the lowest thives and rebels to be hunted down like dogs. 

Even if we somehow fail this; we shall at the very least return the full drainage basin of Mother Platte to the true flag. The day comes when our troops shall proudly march down Colfax Avenue, wading through the viscera of those who resist.  Rise now remove your hats and maintain a reverent posture throught the anthem. 

Now let all True Cornhusker men grab our ceremonial flails and punish ourselves for our collective failure as men to put sufficient pressure upon Bernie Kosar in the pocket. 

Yes, now is the time for our Omaha brothers to prove themselves truly 'Down',  For too long they have effeminately tolerated whispers about their soft, foreign-accented, 'cosmopolitan' ways.  Here then is their chance to put those whispers to rest once and for all!

Never forget brothers that the only true moral glory lies with those endowed with the Will, The Strength and the Power to inscribe the Truth of Revolution with the blood of the Weak!  Go Big Red!
Long Live the State!  Death to All Who Oppose Us!!!!!

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