Monday, February 11, 2013

In All Honesty:The Pope

It is not 'radical athiesm' but established fact that Benedict is an accessory to a near-infinite number of rapes and deserves no more then the same millennium long prison sentence they give out in Joe Arpaio country for selling twenty sacks of dirt weed.  Of course that's not going to happen, but with Gaddafi having run into a bit of street justice, I can at least now live out my dream of admiring an evil man's magnificient fashion sense without having my conscience bothered by the fact that this beast is still exercising real power.  Joseph Ratzinger is now free to live out his days with his thoughts, prada shoes, and lifelong private secretary who looks like a softer Bobby Kennedy,  all in perfect peace.  And I cannot begrudge peace to any person no matter the circumstance or whatever they've done. 


In other news, the obvious solution is to let those dirty Other People who do drugs and such loose, even the brown ones.  But of course that's something else that isn't going to happen. 


Oh, and while we're sort of on the subject of getting away with sexual abuse: Nebraska's Senate delegation is bravely standing up for a White Man's right to abuse Native women with impunity.  Truly heartwarming.

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