Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chatted With, Or Rather Was Chatted by, An Older Couple Today

They spoke of their eight children and twenty four grandchildren, in a tone of perfect assurance that this was a genuine accomplishment.What struck me most was when they said that they expected to be great-grandparents in the next five or six years.  One of their grandchildren is seventeen, you see.  And though they didn't think that she was that interested in boys now, 'just give it time'. 

Well good people, I can just about guarantee you that your granddaughter, at seventeen, is in fact interested in boys.  Or perhaps women, for all you have the slightest right to either know or care.  And whoever it is that she happens to be interested it is most likely based on a desire to have sex for the sake of having sex; not to give you 'your' great-grandchildren.  I can tell you that if she were my child, and if you were to ever dare suggest to her that marriage & reproduction is a universal mandate of heaven, I would personally forbid you to ever contact her or any children she may or may not have.

Yes, I have had issues on this with my own family, in case you were wondering, but of never mind those :)   suffice it to say that my mother has more or less learned that is she asks if I have a girlfriend or, if I happen to at the time, when she can meet her,  she can expect a dead dial tone in her ear immediately after.   

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