Tuesday, February 19, 2013

For Governor Of Nebraska.

Anyone but this motherless piece of shit. 

Yup, Nebraska's race-hustler-in-chief is officially running now, and there's no doubt that his years of posturing towards making Those People suffer has always been focused upon this end.  Jannssen earns bonus asshole points for painting 'down in Lincoln' as some hive of corruption and decadence when he himself is from Fremont, Ne, which is all of one hour from Lincoln by car and firmly inside the borders of metro Omaha.  Whether Janssen will succeed in painting Fremont as the sort of morally pure Acadia that every Nebraskan west of Crossroads likes to imagine she lives in; well I'm afraid he just might.  To paint his 'heartland' upbringing in such a way would, to be sure, require a great measure of lying in the face of observable reality.  But then every Nebraskan who believes in the moral superiority of her homogenous rural home is only able to do so by lying to herself.  So maybe Janssen can win by tacitly reenforcing the lies we tell ourselves, endow them with an air of authority and such.

After all, while everyone knows that we have the same poverty, crime, and general social failings as everywhere else.  It is also true that everyone knows, or else, that in our case these things are strictly the fault of the illegals, the outsiders. It is beyond dispute that our own hands are naturally clean. 


  1. what's the harm of little idi*ts?


  2. Oh you cause me no harm at all Dennis Markuzie. In fact I enjoy these little visits from the Crank Fairy.