Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Update: Real Americans Sleep with who They Lie With

The Justice department is sending a single member of the oh-so-menacing "Community Relations Service" to look into the Norfolk parade shit-headedness.  Doug Powers of Michelle Malkins website has bravely rode to the rescue.*

Just to give you some further idea of what sort of people are white knighting this thing the last post from Malkin herself was this pathetic piece of petty lameness   which attacked a perfectly neutral observation from Michael Bloomberg that Colorado is extremely wide-open compared to the Northeast.  Of course this perfectly neutral observation does have the seeming benefit of being completely true.  From the flip side I remember being shocked by "suburbs" 30 miles from the core of New York or Chicago having the same density level of midtown Omaha or Denver.  Yet apparently to point out that Western cities aren't quite as city as Eastern ones, as has been observed many times by many people over many years, is in itself to condemn the Westerners as hopeless Yahoos. Malkin knows this.  She's on "our" side and she's coming to our rescue.  She goes on an epic spiel about how New York is a terrible hellhole and how Coloradoans are godly pro-gun who love America too much to hold anything but hatred for America's primate city.

This dishonesty here is just too damned obvious for even Ms. Terrorist Scarf.  I realize the conceit of outrage being its own proof of strength & courage is Malkin's entire 'thing'.  It's what she does for a living; it is who she is.  Still if one feels the need to lick  residue from the bag to get their fix they should at least find a place to do so privately. It is simply untoward to fein all out in public like that.  If the true-blue conservatives of Northeast Nebraska feel the need for outside help from this so-called "attack" then even they must surely have too much pride to accept it from the likes of this.   

(*For some reason Powers takes pains to point out that it is "Eric Holder's Justice Department; which it indeed is for now;  and if Holder and his Suede Denim secret feds were indeed consciously evil that would indeed be a hell of a problem for all of us.  Still the real trouble with villainy are the material effects of villainy, the villains themselves are mere vehicles.  So to pointedly call it "Eric Holder's Justice Deparment" is... well I don't know.  It's almost as if Powers is catering to a crowd more interested in having cults of anti-personality to hiss at,  and so attain a cartoonish sense of heroism, than they are in honestly assessing actual threats to the nation's well-being.)

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