Monday, July 21, 2014

Part Polish.....

Among other things, and not much, but anyway while Poland can no longer claim to be "surrounded" by enemies per se; (they're getting along with the Germans now, more or less.)  It does have one potential enemy to its immediate east; one that you may have heard about either in the past or just over the weekend, and one of considerably more power & potency than the repressed dress-up loving shitheads of Hezbollah, Hamas, et. al.

Now one is of course a NATO member, and as such a legally declared all for one/one for all friend and ally of the United States.  It is also true that, like many ethnic groups ,the Poles have managed to survive as a people in spite of a history that  often than not is tragically brutal;  filled with the most truly apocalyptic violence, suffering, deprivation and repression and still "we" live on.  More than this the Polish people, both in the old country in among the US diaspora, have earned a soft spot in the hearts of many here for our general warmth, love of family, and might I say wry intelligent wit. 

Still I for one would never be so fool as suggest that the United States has a sacred honor-bound duty to always take the Polish government's side in all disputes forever.  I would never suggest that it was not just a matter of American patriotism, but the only true American Patriotism, to defer to Polish foreign policy prerogatives as it they were the larger stronger and more powerful patron of us.  Why I even mention that I would never suggest such things I don't know; because of course it's beyond fantastic and I know I'm tipping at a strawman here.  It's frankly impossible to imagine anyone suggesting such a thing out loud now isn't it?  The greatest barstool jingoist on the Great Plains would give a great drunken-belly laugh upon hearing such an obviously stupid proposal, and as for such wretched nonsense ever being taken seriously by anyone in the halls of government;You'll sooner live to see someone run for Senate on a platform of mandatory public gonorrhea and win.  

I am only human dear reader.  In the future soon I hope to address actual bad ideas that actual functioning-if-misguided people could ever possibly have.  As for now you have my thanks for indulging me and my apologies for having wasted your time.  Good day now. 

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